Overview of ARL Attorneys, who we are, etc.

We are a law firm that treats every client with the same degree of respect and enthusiasm, despite the nature of their matter.

We understand how daunting becoming involved in a legal matter is, and not only will we will provide legal advice, we will “hold your hand” throughout the entire process.

We offer high quality work at reasonable prices. Your business does not have to be big company to afford high-end legal services.

Abigail Ronald-Louw Attorneys and Notaries are a B-BBEE Level 1, black female owned and managed law firm with offices in Norwood, Johannesburg. We service clients in South Africa and internationally, from the Cameroon to Hong Kong. We are also registered on the Central Supply Database (“CSD”) as a supplier for government.


Abigail Ronald-Louw is the managing partner of ARL